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A customized massage that focuses on giving you more mobility, flexibility and an overall better quality of life. Includes : • Stretching • Deep Tissue • Trigger Point

▪ 30 Minutes $50

▪ 1 Hour $80

▪ 1Hour1⁄2 $120

• 2 Hours $160

Scalp Massage

A gentle massage aimed at easing tension within the scalp. This massage focuses on relaxing the mind and spirit. Helps alleviate tension headaches , migraines and sin uses.

▪ 30 Minutes $20

▪ 1Hour $40


A massage that focuses on muscles used in athletic performances. Such as running, training, weight lifting etc. Uses fast superficial and deep strokes to warm up release the muscles.

▪ 30 Minutes $50

▪ 1Hour $80

▪ 1Hour1⁄2 $120

▪ 2 Hours $160



Enjoy the added on aroma throughout your massage. Let the soothing smells further relax you. Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering one ’ s mood.


This menthol filled gel helps alleviate and sooth aching muscles . Whether your muscles are over worked, sore, or just fatigued . Bio freeze can ease your discomfort.

Paraffin Bath

This paraffin treatment is aimed at soothing muscle tension ranging from every day use to just aching bones due to arthritis. Applying this soothing wax to your hands and forearms will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Hot stone Massage Therapy - Coming Soon

A massage that focuses on relaxing the muscles using smooth heated stones. Hot stone therapy aims to ease muscle tension and increase circulation. This 1 ½ massage promotes a deeper level of relaxation. Leaving you feeling refreshed and at ease. A placement of stones are applied to the front and the back of the torso. While the therapist provides a customized massage from head to toe using long gliding strokes with heated stones.